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We end this day with an update from Rizzo’s family: “Three years ago on Memoria…

We end this day with an update from Rizzo’s family:

“Three years ago on Memorial Day, the National Mill Dog Rescue van was out on rescue. I watched the Facebook updates, and there were so many precious pups. And then I saw him—a gorgeous little blue merle long-haired Chihuahua with the biggest, most beautiful eyes that expressed a lifetime of sadness, but still had such a sparkle of hope. I immediately fell deeply and madly in love with him and he with me. When our meet and greet was over, he barked and barked for me to take him with me. When I received the call with the news that we were approved to be Zeke's new parents, I was so happy, I cried! We took him home on June 13, the evening that the huge hailstorm caused so much damage to Lily's Haven. Since my husband is a huge Chicago Cubs fan, we changed his name to Rizzo, after the Cubs first baseman, Anthony Rizzo.

Rizzo had so much to overcome. Poor nutrition from his four and a half years in the mill had left him with worms, intestinal issues, horrible skin issues, fur loss over most of his body, double ear infections, and the need for removal of most of his teeth. He was so skinny, his little hip bones protruded. His belly was swollen from the worms. But to me, he was absolutely perfect and I was ready to go on the journey with him to get him well and provide him the life of a perfectly loved family member.

We've completely reversed every one those issues with good nutrition, a wonderful veterinarian who likes to fix the root of the issue, and a whole lot of love! I don't know how he fits so much Chihuahua attitude into his little five-pound body, and I don't know how something so tiny takes up so much space in my heart.

If I'm sitting down, Rizzo is in my lap. He is fed every meal on a heating pad next to me. He sleeps under the covers snuggled right next to me. His very favorite thing that he literally dances for is when I dry my hair and he goes "Up with the Pup." That's when I put his bed on the bathroom counter next to me, cover him with his blankie, and gently warm him with the blow dryer. He goes right to sleep! He is 100% a mama's boy, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I could go on and on, but I will just say that if you haven't experienced the amazing journey and joy of being a puppy mill rescue parent, you are missing out on one of the most amazing loves on earth. I cannot thank you enough, Theresa and NMDR volunteers, for saving both North (joined our family November 29, 2015) and Rizzo. I simply cannot imagine our family without them, and I am forever grateful.”


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