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National Mill DogRescue


Because of their pasts and histories, not all of our dogs are good candidates to go into homes with small children. We generally don’t adopt out to families with children under six years of age. This is to keep both the young children, as well as the dog, safe. BUT, there are always exceptions to every rule. And that exception just happens to be…PUPPIES! It’s a myth that NMDR doesn’t get puppies in because we bring in retired breeding dogs. But the truth is, we get puppies in for many reasons. Perhaps they grew past the prime selling age. Perhaps there is something medically not right with them (bad knees, in Cameron’s case). For whatever reason, we do get puppies in and are glad to be able to match them up with a perfect family. When a family wants to adopt, we do a “meet-and-greet” in order to make sure it’s a good fit. Watch this adorable meet and greet and just try not to smile. Kids and puppies…it’s a beautiful thing!


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